Modern Medical Software:

Innovation and Technology on Your Terms

We believe that bold and innovation-driven software solutions will shape the future of medicine. Our team works every day to ensure the best possible functionality for medical software that we ourselves believe in and proudly introduce to you!


Calendar and Appointment Management

The calendar view provides a clear overview of the clinic and doctor's daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, allowing easy differentiation of each visit's specifics through a tagging system.

Powerful Treatment Cards

Medicloud software offers several specialized dental treatment cards:

  • Dental Card
  • Periodontal Card
  • Orthodontic Card

Each view has been developed in collaboration with industry experts and designed with specific treatment mapping in mind. Modern solutions enable swift and efficient work with treatment cards, minimizing unnecessary time consumption.

Comprehensive Patient Management

Our software allows you to manage and obtain an overview of patient information, appointments, dental history, and dental conditions. This functionality is designed with dentists' expectations in mind, making interactions with patients intuitive from the first visit to the last treatment procedure. The system provides a clear and detailed overview of the patient's dental history, including previous visits, X-rays, and other essential documents.

Invoices and Analytics

With Medicloud, you can efficiently build your clinic's price list and enable doctors to create and deliver invoices clearly. Integrated modules also simplify the process of transmitting information to the Health Insurance Fund.

In addition to financial management, we offer in-depth analytics that provide an overview of your practice's performance, revenues, and expenses. This analysis allows administrators to better understand the financial health of their practice and optimize services according to patients' needs.

User-Friendly Shift Scheduler

Our software includes an integrated shift scheduler designed to streamline staff scheduling and optimize practice workflow. The shift scheduler allows you to efficiently set work hours, breaks, and special days, ensuring that all doctors and assistants are well-informed about their shifts and maximizing the utilization of treatment rooms.

Inquiries from digilugu, referral letters, prescription center, e-consultation

MediCloud allows for generating certificates, issuing digital referrals, sending and requesting e-consultations, where there is also a possibility to include relevant image materials related to the patient. In the prescription center, in addition to prescribing a drug, there is an automatic inquiry for possible side effects and the option to view all of the previously issued prescriptions for the patient.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer support that knows and guides, ensuring seamless operation.

Constantly Updated

Cloud-based software that is continuously evolving, eliminating the need for on-site updates.


Compatible with various systems to ensure swift data movement.


Tailored to your clinic's needs and preferences.

Role-Based Access

Complete control over who has access to specific data.


Built with information security and data protection directives in mind.

Frequently asked questions

Is your software customizable for different clinics?
Yes, our software is designed to be customizable for each practice, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.
How do you ensure the security of patient data?
Our system is GDPR-compliant and utilizes state-of-the-art encryption technologies, ensuring that all patient data is securely protected.
Can I integrate your software with my existing system?
Absolutely! Our software is designed to be integration-friendly. We have developed integrations with Health Insurance Fund and other national databases, among others.
How often is the software updated?
Our software receives regular updates to ensure the presence of the latest and innovative features at all times.
Can I schedule work hours and vacations?
Yes, our software includes a shift scheduler that allows you to easily set work hours, plan vacations, and other days off. This ensures that your practice's workflow is always organized and efficient.
Does your solution supports e-consultation?
Yes, Medicloud is compatible with the national e-consultation system and allows sending and responding to e-referrals.


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